DT.Virtual Tour is a travel guide that allows you to explore the Old Town of Tallinn city with VR panoramas and photos.

Inside panoramas: place mouse over the panorama image, hold down left mouse button and drag the mouse in the desired direction (left, right, up or down) to navigate. Use the button 'Zoom In' (+) in toolbar or while the left button is depressed, use 'Shift' key to zoom in. Use the button 'Zoom Out' (-) in toolbar or while the left button is depressed, use 'Ctrl' key to zoom out.

In Flash version you can use the map in your walk. Your position will be shown on the small map at the right down corner of the screen. Small map also can be used for quick transfer from one location to another. On the right hand from the map there is also a movement velocity control.

In the upper right corner is a screen where the most interesting sights around you can be previewed. The panoramas and photos can be loaded by clicking the numbers on the map (the lowest number is closest to man). Each point can have a few thumbnails for preview.

Small panoramas are auto rotating. Move mouse over panorama to stop autorotation and to pan with your mouse.

Click on the thumbnail to get full version of panorama or photo. Be patient if originals of the panoramic views are slow to appear: we have prioritized quality over speed...

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